A Useful Legal Option – Arbitration

The Legal system of every country is equipped to deal with the various disputes that arise from any business deal or contract. There is a unique aspect of the Legal system which allows dispute resolution outside the purview of the courts. It is called Arbitration. It is one of the most convenient and easiest way to settle disputes arising from disagreements during the course of a business or during the execution of a contract.

Arbitration Laws differ from country to country. It is makes business sense and is a wise idea to look at arbitration first for any disputes you have with the opposing party. There are three main reasons why you should opt for Arbitration.

  • Formality of the courts is not there
  • Less time consuming
  • Costs Less

Arbitration works differently than the laws which are laid out in each country. It is a procedure which is based on the conditions that have been agreed upon prior to the execution of the contract or at the beginning of a business deal. The Laws of the state and country too can be taken as a guidance to resolve an Arbitration but this depends from case to case.

Arbitration in UAE is not as simple as you may find it in other countries. Due to the absence of a clear cut Arbitration Law, the laws governing the Arbitration process are drawn based on the Arbitration at hand. UAE Arbitration laws draws reference from both the Federal Laws and the Islamic Law. Getting on board Arbitrators having an in depth knowledge of the implications and reach of both these laws can help your case. SM Law Firm, Dubai, arbitrators with their deep understanding of these laws and International Arbitration Laws can help you get quick resolutions for your disputes

In case of a dispute or disagreement arising from the contract or agreement, the parties can choose to go for Arbitration or do as per the recourse that has been indicated in the contract or agreement. SM Law Firm has expert Arbitration Lawyers who can easily guide you through the process of Arbitration. As Arbitration usually starts from the details that have been included in the contract or agreement between the two parties, it is only wise to avail the services of expert Arbitrators from SM Law Firm, Dubai, who will ensure that your interests are not harmed at any stage.

Arbitrators from SM Law Firm, Dubai, deal with arbitrations for property, civil and commercial disputes at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), the center for dispute resolution in Dubai, UAE. Sometimes a dispute can also be resolved with frank discussions with the opposing party in the presence of your Arbitrators. SM Law Firm encourages and works towards speedier resolution of disputes. In cases where conflicts arise, we work towards limiting the impact by offering quick solutions.

Disputes of any kind arising from your contracts or business deals should be dealt with by a competent Arbitrator. Expert and competent Arbitration Lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai, can provide ample support and valid inputs to avoid and resolve disputes. For any Arbitration issues, Contact Us at our offices in Dubai and Egypt or Schedule a Consultation and one of our executives will get back to you soon.

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