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Every Business, big and small has a need to set up robust banking practices to ensure that your business runs successfully without any hitch. The most important banking task any business has is that of setting up bank accounts and ensure an easy flow of funds for your business to spread and grow.SM Law Firm is the leading Law firm in the Banking and Finance Sector in Dubai, UAE. Our team of experts has extensive experience in understanding and dealing with the complex banking laws of UAE which include the Islamic Banking Laws.

SM Law Firm specializes in giving legal assistance for Credits and Loans including those which are syndicated. We assist new entrepreneurs to set up Financial Institutions. Mergers and Acquisitions of Financial Institutions can get legally extremely complex. Our Banking Attorneys guide them in their mergers and acquisitions. We also Counsel the Financial Institutions in areas of regulatory issues with respect to the functioning of their institution.

Banking Law Expert Lawyers at SM Law Firm can help you secure Loans, investment and guarantees for your vehicles and other properties.

Time Tested Loan Recovery System

Legal assistance is provided by our Banking Lawyers to recover all kinds of Banking Loans. We have set in place an elaborate system and established an extensive network of formal and informal contacts. These enable us to conduct a search for debtors and survey their possible assets. This in turn helps us in recovering and collecting loans in a hassle free way and at a minimal cost.

SM Law Firm has Professional Consultants who have diverse expertise and work passionately on each case. Some of the loans recovered for our clients are in the form of assets for which we provide the necessary legal advice on managing, disposing or investing the repossessed assets.

SM Law Firm’s Debt Collection Services are not Limited to Loan Recovery. We have a robust system to pursue Dishonoured Cheques, Missed Payments and Promised Amounts. We explain and represent our clients at civil court proceedings where we initiate the legal recovery of debts.

Our adopted method is very fast, effective and cost effective in recovering indebted amounts from individuals or corporate entities throughout the UAE. Our work is highly professional and ethical and we maintain Absolute Confidentiality. Professional debt collectors having vast experience in local culture and applicable laws are employed, who use the best practices and necessary credentials to pursue, recover, collect and deliver payments and debts back to our esteemed clients.

SM Law Firm’s also provides Legal Banking Assistance to small, medium and big corporations on how to recover their debts and how to extenuate the effect of unpaid debts on its overall finances and accounts. We suggest solutions that will not affect the liquidity flow nor the company’s operations and profits.

Such is our commitment to assist our clients in recovery of their bad debts that we will leave no legal stone unturned which includes getting in touch with legal authorities in UAE and to trace and apprehend the absconding debtor. All our overseas actions for recovering loans are subject to the provisions of local and international law and other relevant bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Recovery of Money through legal means from debtors be it individuals or corporate entities, is the Hallmark Specialty of SM Law Firm. For all your Banking related legal issues, get in touch with our Lawyers in Dubai, UAE at +971 43217730 or Schedule a Consultation

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