All about Civil Law in Dubai – Expert Civil Lawyers for your Business is Must!

UAE, as a united, sovereign, independent state came into being in 1971. Comprising of seven emirates, it has its own constitution which lays down how the individual Emirates will legislate, regulate and implement its unique legal structure.

Though there are similarities, there are subtle nuances that exist between different territories or jurisdictions. The civil laws are drafted based on basic jurisprudence and the local religious practices picked up from the Quran like the Sharia.

Dubai, one of the major cities of the region, is truly an international city because of its liberal trade policies and economic growth. It is a global city with people from many ethnicities working and living together.

It’s growth can be attributed to an environment which supports a very healthy business growth. Among other factors, it has a unique legal system that has been designed to aid local and international businesses. Any person or a business planning to interact on a professional level needs to be aware of the laws that govern that interaction as ignorance of law can never be good.

A Unique System

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Every person interacting with another in a transactional way needs to follow a certain way of doing things when the interaction is professional. Each country, like UAE, has its own set of laws for implementing business transactions.

For businesses to thrive and grow, it is imperative that governments in power provide legal and policy support that address disputes and disagreements fairly and help resolve them quickly so that business and trade is minimally impacted.

The judicial system in the UAE is such that the federal government can legislate on matters of substance and the local judiciaries can also issue their own decrees to regulate local issues. So, there are two main categories of laws in the UAE, union or federal laws and decrees.

As part of its unique system, the constitution of UAE, which comprises the seven Emirates, has the choice to either join the Federal judicial system or to follow their own system. The Emirates of Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah have chosen to follow their own judicial system within the ambit of the UAE’s constitution. What such a provision means is that there is a complex web of regulations in place and those unfamiliar with the structure need expertise and guidance to function within such a framework.

Dubai’s legal framework is a unique combination of Civil Law and Sharia. The basic principles of law are drawn from Sharia and its civil laws are a blend of Islamic and European concepts.

There is a 3-tier legal structure that is functioning in the region – the Court of the First Instance that covers the Civil Court, the Criminal Court and the Sharia Court.

As UAE is made up of seven emirates, it is a challenge for international businesses to familiarize themselves with their individual legal frameworks, procedures and workings. Those who do business in UAE need to comprehend the systems as they are very different from those prevalent in western countries.

These systems though different are based on basic legal principles and structures that are logical and easy to comprehend.  They are also evolving as they adapt to the changing environment of foreign businesses and investments. Of the unique blend of Sharia and western laws, it is only the social laws which govern family law and divorce cases on which the Sharia Laws have the greatest impact.

Laws like Contract law, Property law, Family law, Immigration/ Work Permit law, Corporate law are some examples of civil law and are derived mostly from European Laws with inputs from Sharia.

The Kind of Civil Cases and Repercussions

The Civil Courts in UAE hear all claims ranging from commercial matters that include breach of contracts, commercial disputes, insurance, personal injury, debt recovery cases, compensation to maritime disputes between businesses, individuals and government entities. The Civil Law matters also cover compensation cases that arise from insurance contract litigation, labour law and legal matters that regulate relations between employers and employees.

Why choose SM Law Firm for Your Civil Cases, Disputes and Litigation

SM Law Firm, Dubai, specializes in all aspects of civil law and labour laws. Our professional qualifications, experience and international exposure help us in providing expert legal assistance to businesses, institutions and individuals. We cater to the legal needs in all areas as our expertise extends to understanding the dual legal frameworks, the needs and challenges of businesses and individuals that operate here.

As our Firm provides legal advice covering civil matters of businesses, the global exposure of our lawyers helps us in understanding the needs and challenges of the international companies and their employees working and operating in the UAE.

We work in a business environment that is truly global in nature with people from many nationalities right from Europe to Southeast Asia and South Asia, who are fluent in multiple languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic and English, among others.

It goes without saying that businesses should have legal assistant as they set up their entities in the UAE and commence their activities. Any misstep can lead to the business getting affected. SM Law Firm is with you every step of the way to help you navigate the business and civil legal requirements.

Our Attorneys can guide you right from what type of entity you should start, what best suits your type of business; a sole proprietorship or a partnership, or a limited company.  Our lawyers assist you in designing the correct business structure for your business that operates within the business, commercial and civil laws that govern UAE. We understand the business needs of international firms and are well-versed in drafting of contracts and agreements which can avoid any prospective disputes and derailing of the business venture.

Our firm will be with you every step of the way. As your business grows and expands so does the complexity of your operations and you will need ample legal safeguards which the expert Civil Lawyers from in Dubai, from SM Law Firm, will provide. When you look for funding for your business expansion, you can use the expertise of our lawyers to help you evaluate potential investors and their offers and how they impact your business and its potential.

Just like a business focuses on its core area of expertise, that is to run the business and increase the revenues, SMLawFirm can handle all legal and related paperwork and procedures that will provide your business and your companies a firm foundation for a business to grow and thrive. For sound legal inputs and expertise, SM Law Firm in Dubai, is your ideal Legal Partner. Contact Us Now!

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