Getting your Commercial Law Right

For any Business to flourish one of the most important factors is understanding and being in compliance with the Commercial Laws of the state and the country. Commercial Law is such a varied field that every industry has its own set of commercial laws which need to be abided by. Commercial Law in UAE is no different with the only exception that it derives inspiration from the Islamic Law of Sharia.

Importance of Commercial Law

Commerce is the key for the health and growth of any country. For commerce to boom, businesses must find it attractive. One of the ways of doing this to put into place a set of laws and regulations that protect the business which enter into deals and agreements. These sets of Laws is called the Commercial Law.

In the absence of a Commercial Law, every business is free to interpret the deals and contracts that they have inked for their benefit at the expense of other stakeholders. When this happens, the business becomes unattractive and people pull out of it. This causes a drop in commerce and may stagnate the commerce trade in the country which is never a good idea. So, it is extremely important for any country to have a commercial law.

Dealings of the Commercial Law

Commercial Laws of UAE cover all commercial activities which include selling, buying, importing, exporting, transportation and brokerage. With manufacturing and services sectors, understanding the commercial laws can help you make the right decisions for your business and the deals with other businesses. This Law also covers the financial dealings of the Finance Institutions and also the dealings between financial institutions.

How can a Commercial Lawyer Help You?

Just like there are experts in every field, there are experts in Commercial Law. You may think it is simple enough for you to read and make the decisions for your business based on what you have read. But then, your knowledge is but limited. There are many clauses and sub clauses which are part of the laws that can be applied under different situations. Unless you have a critical understanding of these clauses, you may end up making a decision for your business which could be detrimental.

This is where a Commercial Lawyer comes in. And who best to assist you than the expert Commercial Lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai. Our Commercial Lawyers will assist you in every decision, deal or contract that you enter into for your business. For Corporates, we help you draft your company constitution and assist you complying with it. We also assist the Finance Institutions in drafting contracts that will accord them legal protection in case of a bad investment. When you are getting into a new business, you will be made aware of all the commercial laws that would be applicable to you which would make it easier for you to make business decisions that are free of any legal tangles.

SM Law Firm Attorneys, who are experts in Commercial Laws, also give legal advice in matters pertaining to financial institutions with experience in representing for and against them. SM Law Firm Commercial Layers offer help in concluding contracts and proxies, technology communication, banking matters and debt collection services which includes recovery from individuals, companies and establishments that are in UAE and also abroad. Our expertise in understanding Commercial Law of different countries has made us one of the preferred Law Firms for businesses which transcend geographical boundaries.

Be it a local business or an International one, having an expert Commercial Lawyer as a part for your team can only protect your long term interests. Avail the services of our expert commercial lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai and be tension free. Your legal interests and well being is our responsibility. Contact Us Today!

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