Dubai Laws for Intellectual Properties

Dubai, the world leader in terms of industrialization, business and construction has its own law to protect intellectual property rights. Dubai is a growing trade center for most of industrialists and business men as there is no tax or trade barrier in the country making business easier than ever. As the foreign trade is increasing so are the infringement cases in the country. Hence stringent policies have been devised by the government for smooth flow trade in the country.

Every businessman who dreams of trading in Dubai needs to get familiar with government operations and different laws and policies for trading in the country. As business friendly is the country, so are the inflexible rules.

Privacy during data process or data driven business:

As per a federal law and lawyers in Dubai, UAE, unauthorized publication is punishable as it considered as a serious criminal offence. And causing general harm is also legally punishable. This law states that anybody in possession of data in the absence of owner’s acknowledgment is termed as criminal offence.

There are many rules and policies in place to safeguard different sections of data like personal information, financial operations, business data etc. UAE is an active member of World Trade Organization. The country abides by WTO provisions on agreement on TRIPS which sets a minimum standard for protecting Intellectual properties. Though there are no specific rules for IP, stringent measures have been taken to protect them. You may not find separate courts or lawyers to fight for IP cases but a simple complaint via police would be sufficient for immediate action.

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