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When a person starts a business, they usually do it with the intention of making profits and earning money. In the process of deciding the products and services for the business, a lot of thought and ideation is put into it. Now, these ideas and solutions may be unique, one of a kind or the run of the mill services and products.

Every unique, one of a kind idea or solution that emerges from your due deliberations and thoughts is your propriety and also that of your business. You and your business can be considered its sole owners. This is your Intellectual Property.

The Law that governs and protects this Intellectual Property is the Intellectual Property Law. Intellectual Property Law is a vast field encompassing different types and variations of Intellectual Properties. It includes Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks.

Copyrights protect the expressive arts. They give sole ownership to the person who has it, to display, share, reproduce and do derivative work of the copyrighted art. Having a copyright, does not protect the idea per se, it only protects the way it is depicted. To file for a copyright it is always wise to hire an Intellectual Property Lawyer. SM Law Firm has Intellectual Property law experts who can ensure full fledged protection for your copyrights.

Patents are the protective shield given to inventions that give the owners the sole right to use the product until a certain period of time. They can use it themselves or license it for a royalty or usage fee. Depending on the purpose of the invention, patents broadly fall under utility patents – which are patents that apply to inventions that can be put to use, design patents – which are protection for a manufacturing process and resulting products and the plant patents – which are protection to unique plant varieties produced asexually.

Filing for a Patent is not a simple task. Though a search over the internet will let you know the forms to fill it and how it fill it, it is a complex and time taking procedure. If you do not fill out your Patent forms properly, they may get rejected which may jeopardize your product’s exclusivity and your business. Intellectual Property Lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai will ensure that your patents are filed properly and in a timely manner to ensure their profitability for your business in the GCC countries.

Trademarks are another aspect of Intellectual Property Rights that needs protection from time to time. Trademarks are the names and identifying marks which are used for products and companies. They become active as soon as a company starts using them and you do not have to file them separately. But, there are times when competitors and unscrupulous people infringe on your trademarks to use them for their profit. It becomes imperative for you hire an Intellectual Property Attorney from a reputed firm like SM Law Firm, Dubai to protect your trademarks. We will ensure that what is rightfully yours remains yours and if anyone uses them illegally they pay you a royalty for the same.

With Intellectual Property Rights, you have to remember that they are unique sets of rights. It is not like one size fits all. Each Intellectual property needs to be approached differently to get the optimal profits for you and your business. For this purpose, filling them properly and taking the right decisions while filing them will ensure a successful claim over your Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property Lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai are experts in the Intellectual Property Laws of the GCC countries. We are the best people to help you protect your Intellectual Property. Contact Us today at +971 43217730 or Fill out this form and one of our representatives will contact you soon.

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