Legal Assistant in Dubai, A Must, For Your Business.

Every business irrespective of domain and vertical needs two professionals for sure. An accountant and a lawyer. The former is hired immediately without a second thought as every business owner wants to look at his numbers and file his tax returns legally. However when it comes to later, many procrastinate the thought itself. Everybody needs a legal help only when they are in legal trouble and not until then. We forget that by postponing the idea of a lawyer before a legal trouble knocks the door can cause serious trouble.

We lose out on the vital assistance and advice in various aspects of business which can halter its growth. Their assistance is vital especially in trademark, copyright and configuring compliance.

Disadvantages of not hiring a lawyer:

Most of the business do not hire a lawyer unless a legal notice is slapped against them or when police comes knocking the door. Nothing can be worst than that because, things are already in a mess when you are sued. There is an english quote which is just apt for this scenario: You try to dig well when you are thirsty.

Advantages of hiring a lawyer in Dubai:

Contracts: A lawyer who understands the business in its complete potential is a must for a company. It will help in preparing contract forms for customers, clients and suppliers.

Business: Legal advice and necessary paperwork is required in matters of setting up a corporation or a LLC.

Taxes & Returns: Though it is the accountant who will do all the filing and paperwork regarding a business’s taxes and returns, your lawyer will know how to register your business for federal and state tax identification numbers. He will also be able to understand the tax consequences for critical transactions and advise you as per the need.

Intellectual Property Rights: A lawyer also helps in federal trademarking and copyright protection. Though they might not be specializing in the said field, every lawyer has many noteworthy contacts which can prove useful later as well.

Important To-Dos when you hire a lawyer:

Meet the lawyer regularly. This action is also postponed by many unless in a legal trouble. It is a good practise to meet your lawyer regularly which has the potential to nip many of the legal hassles in their bud.

Do your Homework:

Before you meet with or call your lawyer, have the right agenda of topics to be discussed and necessary documents supporting them. Fax needed documents ahead of time so your attorney doesn’t have to read them during the conference and can instead get right down to business. All this will help you to plan your’s and attorney’s day well.

The above points are vital and necessary for any organization irrespective of the place. To have the right legal advice for your business in UAE, contact SMLaw firm, one of the best law firms in Dubai . We are ever ready to solve your legal issues.

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