Legal consultation- A Prerequisite for Important Aspects of Life

As the world has opened up from living in a community to living and working around the world, it is offering tremendous choices and opportunities. Along with them, comes the challenge of working and living within the legal frameworks in your own country as well other countries in the world.

Any person or business entity embarking on any activity needs to understand the law, rules and regulations and the paperwork required to begin that activity. The need to understand these means the legal consultation from a law firm / lawyers in Dubai like the SM Law Firm, Dubai can provide you the country specific legal inputs.

It is almost impossible for an individual to grasp and be well versed with all aspects of law and its interpretation. Legal consultation has become as necessary as a family physician. For personal and business reasons, a competent legal team provides a solid support. As businesses go about focusing on their core business, a legal team that is watching and facilitating the fulfilling of statutory requirements, a team that can also anticipate complications and advises you well in advance, provides an undeniable edge.

Legal consultation is needed during all aspects of your work and professional life. It is needed when you start a business, when you are selling it, closing, entering into wedlock, buying property and more.

The process of Legal Consultation is better done before the activity is started. This investment in terms of time and money will go a long way in stopping disruptions and interruptions in the business or activity undertaken. The benefits of a good legal consultation are manifold.

Any person or business entity planning or wanting to start any activity or business needs to understand the relevant laws, be they civil or criminal or personal, before embarking on the activity or business. It is always better to follow the adage – “Better safe than sorry” and take relevant and competent legal advice from a reputed law firm like SM Law Firm before the activity or business is commenced.

Any incorporation of business, entering into agreements and memorandums of understanding between two or more people or business entities leads to lesser disputes and misunderstandings if the documents follows the relevant provisions of law and is well drafted. If care is not taken in the initial stage of the activity or business it may lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes. A well drafted agreement or memorandum of understanding is a good first step to start an activity or business. This early consultation makes sure that disruption in the business is avoided.

If, for any reason, legal consultation is not taken before the start of any activity or business the chances are high of unnecessary time and money getting wasted which could be otherwise used for furthering the business or activity. The adage  “Ignorance of law is no excuse for not following the law”  is appropriate here especially for foreign individuals or businesses. A well reputed and competent legal advisor will go a long way in preventing unnecessary dispute and litigation in a foreign land. A reputed and competent legal advisor will be able to act as a shield to prevent locals from going after the new businesses perceiving the foreign business to be weak. A legal protection is a wise choice considering my business may not have the stomach for a fight.

Any agreement or contract or memorandum of understanding that is drafted well under the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations will help in smoother functioning of the activity or business. It will also reduce the chances of dispute or litigation or arbitration. Legal consultation is a way to mitigate and minimize the chances of litigation or disputes. Litigation or disputes are unnecessary drain on the business resources that could be used by the companies for increasing their overall business. A well drafted legal document which covers all the relevant local laws, taxation and any applicable foreign treaties will ensure that you neither lose money or time.

A well drafted legal document covering all the aspects orally or in writing by the two or more parties involved in the transaction or business activity acts a preventive antidote for not getting into disputes or litigations. It saves a lot of management time and energy is mitigating or minimizing the effects of the disputes on the business or activity.

A good legal consultation from a well known and reputed law firm like SM Law Firm in Dubai will go a long way in reducing the risk of disputes or litigation in doing business or activity in Dubai and in UAE. This consultation is helpful in conserving scarce business resources in terms of time and money in preventing unnecessary disputes and litigation. Your best legal consultation is at SM Law Firm, Dubai, UAE. Contact Us Today!

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