Property Lawyers for ‘Hot’ Properties in Dubai & UAE

Your First Home and your first investment in real estate is the biggest financial transaction that you would be doing in your entire life. It will most probably include your life savings and the financial stability of your future. It is precisely for this reason that you have to ensure that every single detail in the financial transaction for your first home and real estate is vetted and verified.

Properties in Dubai have been in high demand for some time now and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Protect your properties and your property dealings with effective legal safenets. Property lawyers from SM Law Firm Dubai are the best when dealing with properties in Dubai and UAE. We provide all the assistance that you need and also suggestions that will help you close your property dealings in a profitable manner.

When you are buying a property, it is important that you secure it with an all encompassing Purchase Agreement. Buying, Selling or leasing a property is a very cumbersome process and many deliberations are required to come to a workable consensus. This is what a good Property Lawyer like those from SM Law Firm, Dubai, will do for you. They will draw up contracts for the transactions which will spell out all the details and nitty gritties of the property sale, purchase or rental.

A Property Lawyer has an important role to play right from the initial drafting of the Purchase Agreement, checking the titles and the final closure. One of the most important jobs of a Property Lawyer is to check the titles, clear any complications and make sure that the purchase and sale is in compliance with the state and federal laws. Sometimes, a property that is held up in some legal dispute or violating state or national laws is put up for sale. If proper research is not done, you may end up with the compromised property causing you a big financial loss. A Property Lawyer will ensure that it does not happen.

Once the Purchase Agreement is signed, the terms for the funds transfer need to be honoured. Since it is a financial transaction, taxes will be applied to the seller for the profit they are making from the sale and for the buyer too. With a good Property Attorney involved, you can pay the government the right amount of tax as per the law. After the money has changed hands, the purchase and property needs to be filed in the new owner’s name which is also easily handled by the Property Law experts from SM Law Firm, Dubai. We also handle Property transfers will equal ease.

While making a property purchase, many people tend to go for financing for their purchase where they apply for loans from banks and other financial institutions. This too is sometimes facilitated by the Property Lawyers. When a dispute arises during the property dealings between the buyers and sellers, developers and investors, the borrowers and the lenders like the banks and the financial institutions. Property Lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai, are experts in resolving property disputes.

Highly experienced and expert Property Lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai, have only one goal in mind when it comes to your property deals gone bad. It is to resolve the dispute at the earliest so that you can enjoy the fruits of your property and real estate without any interruptions. We always try to resolve the disputes amicably with settlements that are acceptable to both the parties. When settlements are not an options, we are adept at following all the legal proceedings that eventually follow, right from sending notices prior to filing a criminal or commercial or real estate case to the final case resolution in court.

 For all your Property related issues whether it be buying, selling, property loans, disputes with investors, developers or governments, you can trust the Property Lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai, to do justice to your cause and case. Our Property Lawyers handle cases for big developers and investors with equal aplomb. Protect your property and get any standing legal property issues resolved today with SM Law Firm, Dubai. You can Contact Us at (Ph No) or Fill out this form and one of our representatives will contact you soon.

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