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Family is the foundation of every society. It is the heart of every person. Everyone does all that they can do to ensure that their family is healthy, happy and safe. Sometimes, things simply don’t work out. And this is when you need legal assistance from expert Family Lawyers to ensure that all your Personal Family disputes are resolved.

Family Law mostly deals with the matters of the heart – Marriage, Divorce and Child Custody. To handle these issues, an empathetic sympathy is needed. Family Law Lawyers at SM Law Firm, Dubai, UAE, will give you exactly this support in ample.

Our intention is to make the legal process as clear and smooth as possible for you so that the whole process is less stressful. After taking detailed information about the issue from the client, we decide on the best course of legal action that our client should take to ensure a resolution in their favour.

UAE Family Law covers Marriage, Divorce, Property Inheritance, Alimony, Child Custody & More and is covered by the Islamic Sharia Law. Getting married is a happy occasion and our Family Lawyers in Dubai, UAE can assist you in the proper registration of your marriage. SM Law Firm’s Expert Family Lawyers are also sometimes called upon to validate a ‘Nikhah’.

When a marriage breaks down and Divorce is the only way out, you should immediately get in touch with your Family Law Lawyer who can guide you on the immediate and short-term impact the separation can have on your life. We will advise you on how to make the best decisions which would be in the long term interest of both the spouses and most importantly, in the interest of your children.

Divorce Lawyers of SM Law Firm will expertly guide you to a quick finalization and validation of divorce (Talaq). We handle divorce cases of both Muslim and Non-Muslim couple. The financial settlement of your divorce should be tailored to your family’s needs. Negotiating a beneficial and practical financial settlement in a divorce is a skilled and complex task requiring careful consideration of numerous factors that is done by Specialized Family Lawyers of SM Law Firm.  In the case of Muslim couples we ensure that the wife achieves her payment ‘Mehr’ (Mandatory Islamic Financial Settlement). For Non-Muslims couples we help them in coming to an agreement about the alimony payments.

Once the divorce is finalized and financial matters settled, the most sensitive issue of Child Custody is addressed. Family Lawyers at our firm understand the importance of getting this right as it is the future of the children at stake. Keeping in mind the emotional, financial and physical support you have, we will suggest you the best course of action while getting the custody of your children.

Sometimes Divorce is not the only answer to your Marital discord. There is always the possibility of resolving issues amicably. Mediation can be an option for you. It is a speedier, cost effective, non-adversarial, cooperative avenue of resolving the issues in dispute. It gives separating couples the opportunity of retaining greater control over their decisions and possibly avoid Court proceedings.

Family Lawyers in Dubai, UAE at SM Law Firm are fluent in English and Arabic with specializations in divorce, separation, custody, and financial settlements in the UAE Courts. Our Family Law Practice gives assistance in Divorce, Arrangement for children, Custody, Guardianship issues, Division of finances, properties & assets, Mediation, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, Islamic Marriage Contract, Separation & Separation Agreements, Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriages.

Family is Important and so are You. For Divorce, Alimony and Child Custody Issues,  For all your Family related legal issues, get in touch with our Lawyers in Dubai, UAE at +971 43217730 or Schedule a Consultation

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