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UAE criminal law is a federal law derived from several provisions of Islamic Sharia. Our office has a team of licensed lawyers who represent clients accused of federal crimes and criminal offenses in the UAE. We have highly talented criminal lawyers in Dubai who deal with all sorts of crime contained in the courts of UAE criminal law. Our criminal lawyers in Dubai and all over UAE are dedicated and convinced to promote great value for law and prove their affiliation to the client.

Our lawyers are trained to handle cases from the police’s investigation to prosecution and criminal court. They ask for bail and submit memos and pleadings related to all sorts of crime, especially misdemeanors and minor violations. Our lawyers work with their clients until the case is closed at all levels of the UAE judicial system. We guarantee that our clients are represented fairly, legally and fully throughout the entire justice process.

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Mr. Abbas El Bahrawy is the most supportive, caring and effective lawyer I have ever met. He handled my accident claim with amazing results. His fee was the most reasonable rate of all the law firms we checked. I recommend this firm 100%.

Steve and Jacqui NewtonMohammed Hamad

Cairo, Egypt