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Personal law services cover mainly divorce, child custody, alimony and more. The governing of marital disputes is available via relevant experts in family law and international competence. S M Law Firm is committed to the sensitive handling of all cases. UAE family law covers all the above mentioned cases. There are many UAE family law companies, and like the rest of them, S M Law Firm provides our clients with the best family lawyers in Dubai as well as the rest of UAE.

Personal and family law can be a distressing prospect.  We, at S M Law Firm, always seek to make the legal process as clear and smooth as possible for our clients. A questionnaire is available for our clients to list the services they require while providing us with a starting point for their cases.If you are looking for a family lawyer in Dubai then this is the right place. Our firm is dedicated to fight for our clients with all possible legal processes like other UAE family law companies.

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There were times we wanted to settle earlier but Mr. Abbas explained that once we settle that is it. It didn’t seem like such a big case at first…over time we saw….our daughter’s injury was not completely resolved. I am grateful that we waited the necessary time before we settled the claim. … it turned out my daughter’s injury required more surgery and she had a real rough time in dealing with the situation.. The insurance company wasn’t taking us seriously… Mr. Abbas was there with us all the way. At the end it was really worth the wait and we didn’t have to go to court.

Steve and Jacqui NewtonLeila Sharif

Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt.