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Lawyers and Legal Consultants at S M Law Firm are well versed with various areas of law, and are able to provide Expert Reports and Legal Opinions on each area, including, but not limited to, commercial law, real estate law, family law and Sharia law. We can assist you in the risk analysis process and help you to make decisions to move forward. Our legal consultants in Dubai work hard and provide legal advice to customers in need. These legal consultants in Dubai have worked for years to set strong cases for our clients. We also have legal consultants in UAE who are open to give legal advice in cases where advice is needed.

Legal Opinions can also be presented afterwards, for example after the purchase of a property in a Sharia compliant transaction, in order to evaluate the legal situation and the impact that the legal decision-making process had. Whether you are from abroad and have concerns about UAE laws, or you are based in Dubai and are venturing into new areas of the law, we will be proud to assist you.

At S M Law Firm, we have a specialty advising both local and expatriate UAE residents how to structure their in-bound and out-bound investments and organize their assets and holdings in a tax efficient manner using offshore structures, trusts, foundations, protected cell companies, limited liability companies and other entities in order to plan their estates and manage their wealth. In addition, we are able to establish hedge funds, and set-up structures to manage and administer them.  We are also able to structure captive insurance companies for corporations, groups of persons or entities with similar risk profiles and set-up other insurance companies offshore as well as secure licensing for brokers, reinsurers and agents.

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When one of your sales people called to offer your services. I did not really believe that the size of our company would provide your staff the kinds of recovery opportunities which would make your visit worthwhile. However, I could not have been more wrong. Your staff was courteous, efficient, and professional. The results were impressive indeed. The refunds which we obtained are significant, and without your services, that money would have been lost forever. We would not hesitate to recommend S. M Law Firm.

Steve and Jacqui NewtonJames Johnson

Dubai, UAE