When one of your sales people called to offer your services. I did not really believe that the size of our company would provide your staff the kinds of recovery opportunities which would make your visit worthwhile. However, I could not have been more wrong. Your staff was courteous, efficient, and professional. The results were impressive indeed. The refunds which...
James Johnson
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Dubai, UAE

You made yourself available… We met with other lawyers but we trusted you the most. You showed us the way to present our loss so the insurance people appreciated who our father was and what he meant to our family, especially our mother. …we could talk to you and understood the way the system works. Thank you Mr. Abbas so...
Mahmud Shah.
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There were times we wanted to settle earlier but Mr. Abbas explained that once we settle that is it. It didn’t seem like such a big case at first…over time we saw….our daughter’s injury was not completely resolved. I am grateful that we waited the necessary time before we settled the claim. … it turned out my daughter’s injury required...
Leila Sharif
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Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt.

The loss of our son in this senseless accident was unbearable at times… It was comforting at least that our case was handled with great sensitivity. Mr. Abbas is a strong advocate and a most caring individual. He sat down with us and explained the law…. Of all the settlements in this multi-victim collision we understand we got the highest...
Rabih Ahmed
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Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt.

We first contacted Mr. Abbas El Bahrawy of International Egyptian Lawyers when we were purchasing an apartment in Sharm El Sheikh. From our first meeting with Mr. Abbas we felt confident of his professionalism and approach to our legal needs regarding the purchase. We would recommend this Law Firm to anyone needing professional legal help as they have a first...
Steven and Jacqui Newton
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London, United Kingdom